Planet Earth Values The Most

Everyone can help increasing the odds for the future generations of humans and other living species survival on planet Earth. At the same time, it can be done without compromising on living standards of importance.

Just support as much as possible close to the 100% label of this list!

Avoid those close to 0% labels.

This ecolabel shows how companies, organizations and the like can be labeled so that people can better choose products that improves life here on Earth now and later. A parallel to Michelin stars that designate gourmet restaurants.

100% mark:


Those who work 100% to make conditions better for the Earth while innovating develop the quality of it so that it develops even better. This is something everyone should strive for and no one is on this level yet.

80% mark:


Tesla and SpaceX are for now the best examples on companies who make a brighter future and at the same time making things better here and now! They are well on their way to becoming companies that may well rise to the 90% or even 100% level.

(How Tesla/SpaceX could help mucisians and vice virsa)

50% mark:


Here an example could be a pension investment company that invests approx. half of their funds in sustainable technology. Often, investments are also made in companies that are to provide a high and large return in the short term, but in hindsight our descendants took value from their lives. This pulls down.

 10 % Mark:


 0 % Mark:


Lobbying for polluting companies such as the coal, oil and gas industry in particular. It can also be in chemicals that will harm a lot of wildlife or plant life in the long run.
Investment companies that invest in polluting companies trying to earn fast money even when it have a negative compact on our decendents.
Companies in tax havens that could help with the development of the countries in which they operate, but find loopholes in the law to avoid it.

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